Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire - Teacher Form (T 4-17 years old)
Think about how your child has been over the last term and complete the form.
1. Considerate of other people's feelings
3. Complains of headaches, stomach-aches or sickness
4. Usually share with others (food, games, pens etc.)
5. Can be very angry and often has temper tantrums
7. Usually do as they are told
8. They worry a lot
10. Are constantly fidgeting or squirming
11. They have one good friend or more
12. Often fights with other children or bullies them
13. Often unhappy, down-hearted or tearful
14. Generally liked by other children
16. Nervous in new situations, easily loses confidence
17. Kind to younger children
18. Often accused of lying or cheating
21. Thinks before they do things
22. Steals from home, school or elsewhere
23. Gets on better with adults than other children
24. Has many fears, easily scared
25. Finishes the work, good attention